Doc’s Dental Minute

Kids, Teens, And Gum Disease

YOU MIGHT THINK that gum disease is a dental health problem that only adults have to deal with. Unfortunately, teenagers and children are also at risk of developing gingivitis and more severe forms of periodontal disease. [...]

Chocolate And Your Teeth

Chocolate And Your Teeth   UNDER MOST CIRCUMSTANCES, dentists are not fans of candy. The sugar in candy is the favorite food of bacteria that cause tooth decay. However, when it comes to [...]

Dentures Then And Now

Dentures Then And Now AS RECENTLY AS 2012, one fifth of American adults over sixty-five had lost all of their natural teeth. Whether the tooth loss is from age or other causes, it [...]

Dental Sleep Therapy

Introducing Dental Sleep Therapy When was the last time you asked your dentist about sleep disorders? The answer would most likely be never. Do you regularly lose energy as [...]

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